The Rider Project is a mobile, collective gallery space located in the back of a Ryder truck, exploring the potential of art to create positive social change.  Conceived and produced by Michele Gambetta in collaboration with over 120 visual artists, Rider exhibitions brought art and creative processes directly to people in their own communities.  Driving into diverse neighborhoods throughout NYC – from Chelsea to Williamsburg, to Bedford Stuyvesant, to Ground Zero, to Harlem and Bushwick – Rider exhibitions parked at street intersections and opened the doors to the public for free.  Viewers were invited to enter the truck installations, view displayed artworks and speak with participating artists.  Each location of the truck fostered a unique interactive hub of activity, with all participants contributing to site-specific cultural dialogues.

Rider Projects were based on Joseph Beuys' concepts of social sculpture, and activated by the idea of art influencing the social body.  Exploring the metaphor of mobile art functioning as red blood cells traveling through the social body, the Rider Project delivered art to New York City neighborhoods through a dynamic akin to blood flowing through an organism. As blood provides oxygen and essential nutrients, so can art offer new ideas and experiences, revitalizing through inspiration.

Created in 2003 by founder and principal organizer Michele Gambetta, Rider Projects have enabled hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to experience artworks created by over 120 emerging artists from around the world. The project spanned seven years and consisted of seven mobile exhibitions taking place between 2003 and 2008.

RIDER Projects have received generous support from the Brooklyn Arts Council, Christopher Vroom, Independence Community Foundation, Ryder, LMCC and all participating artists. 

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